Marzookie Rig, Character Models & Script

Here is the first minute of my animated short Marzookie.


A test playblast of the opening scene and timing.


Here is Marzookie with his skeleton joint system aligned. His mesh has been attached and I have used the weight paint tool to make sure his mesh moves in a realistic way. His design and body build are to look like a super hero as thats how I always imagined him to look like in my childhood. red_eyes_model_1This is my first design for Red Eyes. It is almost antamorphically correct to the skeleton on a tyranosaurs rex. This design looks evil and realistic and would cause fear in small children. red_eyes_model_2This is design number 2 for Red Eyes. It’s a more cartoonish and based on older dinosaur designs from cinema and art of the 50’s -70’s. spaceshipThe Spaceship Marzookie will come out of. This is about a 2/3rds model as the bottom half will be buried underground. The ship is angled slighlty to represent a hard impact into the earth.

brightest_forestThe modeled environment. It’s a basic low polygon design that is based off of the park my grandpa would tell us the Marzookie story.

marzookie_pre-renderPlacing marzoking into the environment to make sure everything is to scale so I can start setting up the characters and shots to develop the rough animatic before working on the final animation.

Here is the script for the Marzookie animation. Rather simple script that will be a narration done by my grandfather and myself. It reads around three minutes and thirty seconds. I plan for it to be about 90% an animation and the last 10% to be a live action shot of my grandpa and me.


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