My final Blobject is complete. The final piece was modeled in Cinema4D, imported into Cura and then printed on a Series Type A printer in PLA plastic. These prints were rather large and took about 2.5 days each. Once printed I began sanding down the pieces to get a clean finish. Once sanded I covered the prints in a layer of gesso before I began painting. The models came together very well for final assembly. Here are images of the final model.



Here are my final renders of my blobject. I have placed the object inside a metal rectangle to simulate being inside a building. The design has changed too. The wood is now going through the car to simulate a tree growing through the car and I have the “chassis” on the bottom showing that it was ripped apart by the tree.Grigsby_3D_Model_Final_1Grigsby_3D_Model_Final_2Grigsby_3D_Model_Final_3Grigsby_3D_Model_Final_4



9/5/2017 – My current idea for the blobject is to look at how nature will continue to thrive after humans are no longer around. My initial inspiration was how a tree can take over a fence and it grows around it. Then after reading “When Blobjects Rule the Earth” I got the idea of a car because a VW Beetle was mentioned as a blobject. I also was thinking about the theme of skin and how bark, the skin of a tree, would feel and interact with this originally polished smooth surface of a car.

Perspective View

Grigsby Blobject 2Grigsby Blobject

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