The Life of Mr. Blobert




Oct 31 2017


Oct 19 2017

Animatic for Mr Blob short.

Oct 17 2017

Video of Mr. Blob waking up from his dream of falling down a sidewalk grate.

Oct 10 2017

Models:  Here is the final apartment model for Mr. Blob. The city has not changed since last updated neither has Mr. Blob.




Oct 2 2017

Update on my project. I have the animation walk cycle for Mr. Blob compete and I am now finishing up modeling the sets. Currently complete is the bedroom. the rest of the apartment is in progress along with the outside downtown city.

BedroomProposal City



Sep 28 2017

For the final project I am going to be working in Maya to create a 3D animated short story about a Blob that is struggling to get to work because of the grates on the city sidewalk. This project will be in collaboration with my project for the Urban Arts Space. The Character has already been modeled and rigged. I am now working on finishing the sets and environments so I can start animating the scenes. Blobert Test_0001

My second idea for this project is to animate a story about being inside a hard drive that is running out of space. I have two visions for this. Workers by a conveyor belt unloading little squares that represent bytes. They stack them up like building blocks. My second vision for this is making massive structures like an apartment building where the bytes go to store themselves but run out of room.

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