Skin/Mold project

12/6/2017   11/21/2017   11/9/2017 11/7/2017 For the final project I want to explore creating a “cave” like enclosure for living things to grow in. I will build it with plexiglass, dirt, and a 3D printed model I will design. I am thinking about have the 3D printed objects covered with jam, jelly or some … More Skin/Mold project

Projection Mapping

9/12/2017 My final animation has been rendered out and I like the look of it. My final step now is to calibrate to the projector and set up the object I am projecting on. Here is an image of the final animation.   9/5/2017 For my projection mapping project I am working with the theme … More Projection Mapping


10/03/2017 My final Blobject is complete. The final piece was modeled in Cinema4D, imported into Cura and then printed on a Series Type A printer in PLA plastic. These prints were rather large and took about 2.5 days each. Once printed I began sanding down the pieces to get a clean finish. Once sanded I … More Blobject